Red Ash, Testing & Removal

Red ash is the filling under concrete flooring that was used in most properties built between the 1940s and 1870s. The damage caused by this sulphate-bearing hardcore is common, especially in areas where mining has previously occurred. 

Red ash contains sulphate – a chemical compound that reacts with water under concrete surfaces, causing it to heave or crown. These often show as bulges in the concrete floor, presenting as cracks and splits. And in some worse cases, it can also affect walls and damage the structure of a building. 

When buying or applying for a mortgage on a property, red ash can raise a variety of issues. Selling a home with or suspected of red ash can be challenging, not unless red ash testing and removal are done. 

At A & A Landscaping, our specialists can perform a detailed inspection to the level of sulphate-bearing hardcore of your property with a clear and reliable report. We can also perform a complete red ash removal that adheres strictly to the most current regulations. 

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